Geoff Zimmerman

Senior Director, Impact and Improvement

Areas of Expertise: data systems and analytics, community partnerships, learning and innovation

“My work should help us better understand our impact and how we can continuously improve.”

In his role, Geoff leads the data strategy, evaluation and impact and improvement efforts of the organization.

Prior to his current role, Geoff served in several other positions within KnowledeWorks, including leadership and data roles within StrivePartnership, helping support the partnership’s efforts to align partners around a shared vision and measures in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. He also supported StriveTogether in its national efforts to build the capacity of communities to dramatically improve education outcomes for every child from cradle to career by providing strategic assistance, network connections and high-quality resources related to building a culture of data sharing and use.

Geoff has worked in the nonprofit and education sectors throughout his career. He has previously held positions at University of Cincinnati and United Way of Greater St. Louis. He has a bachelor’s in business administration from Miami University of Oxford, Ohio and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.