Colmon Elridge

Senior Director of Strategy, Equity and Inclusion

Areas of Expertise: public policy, advocacy, strategy

“I feel a unique responsibility to honor the humanity we and our partners bring to the transformative work of education, understanding that we must not treat our work as solely an academic exercise, but a responsibility to empower generations of students with tools that can have a powerful and positive impact on their future.”

As Senior Director of Strategy, Equity and Inclusion, Colmon Elridge advances KnowledgeWorks’ strategic direction by assisting in the implementation of strategy — listening, thought leadership, creating and nurturing relationships and acting with intention — through the work of our teams and the needs of our stakeholders. Colmon also provides direct leadership to advancing our inclusive excellence and equity-driven goals, aligning and advancing KnowledgeWorks’ commitment to equity with action.

Colmon brings extensive insight into state systems; local, state and federal public policy and advocacy; and strategic planning. Colmon served eight years as Senior Advisor to Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, has worked in the public policy areas of education, health care and interstate compacts. Colmon also served as the Global Vice President of Membership and Development for the International Coach Foundation. Colmon possesses a bachelor’s in history from Transylvania University, a master’s in Business Administration from Sullivan University and is currently a PhD candidate in educational leadership from the University of the Cumberlands.

A nationally and internationally acclaimed speaker, Colmon has received numerous state, national, and international honors, including being named as one of the Ten Outstanding Young People by the US JCI, an award given to President’s Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and even Elvis Presley. He is the first person of color to serve as the President of the Board of Directors of the Lexington Philharmonic. In addition to spending time with his family, Colmon loves to cook, sing, play instruments and four-wheel.