Carolyn Eastman

Director, School Development

Areas of Expertise: classroom teaching experience, state-level policy expertise, district level leadership

“I truly work to personalize the support we provide to school districts and think outside the box to fund local needs. My own two children benefit from early college high school and I want to be a part of making that happen for other children.”

Carolyn assists state and local education agencies in identifying their needs and helping them define the supports and development in their next steps with personalized, competency-based learning and early college high school. She is passionate about creating personalized learner pathways and working with various education agencies in implementing competency-based learning.

Prior to KnowledgeWorks, Carolyn was the assistant superintendent of schools at Oyster River Cooperative School District in New Hampshire. She also worked for the Council of Chief State School Officers and the Wisconsin Center Education Research as a technical assistance provider on federal grants and state-wide projects for 15 years.