Angie Okuda

Director of Capability Building, StrivePartnership

Areas of Expertise: coaching, facilitation, training

“I enjoy being the spark that allows others to learn and setting up environments where students of all ages can grow.”

In her role, Angie Okuda serves as the expert on strategies and outcomes related to learning and education achievement that occur within the learning ecosystem of Greater Cincinnati. She regularly interacts with a broad, diverse group of education practitioners, system and community leaders, parents and students to determine how effectively institutions and communities are functioning to achieve goals. She identifies interventions that will achieve outcomes and works hands-on with stakeholders within the ecosystem to execute their implementation. In this capacity, Angie uses her extensive training in Continuous Improvement and Facilitation to support improvement network endeavors. She also serves as Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) coach for StrivePartnership’s ImpactU: Improvement Science Leadership for Change course; supporting program graduates in their application of CQI principles and practices across the ecosystem.

Prior to joining StrivePartnership, Angie was a Community Learning Center Resource Coordinator with the YMCA at Pleasant Ridge Montessori School.