Angela Walker

Manager for Middle and High School Success, StrivePartnership

Areas of expertise: family and student advocacy, afterschool programming and high school teaching experience

“I spark when I see my former students out in the community doing well and succeeding in either college or career.”

Angela Walker serves as Manager for Middle and High School Success with StrivePartnership. She is experienced in strategies and outcomes related to learning and education achievement for Middle and Highschool students that occurs within the Greater Cincinnati ecosystem. Angela regularly interacts with a broad, diverse group of education practitioners, system and community leaders, parents and students to determine how effectively institutions and communities are functioning to achieve goals related to eighth-grade math, high school graduation and other critical education outcomes. She identifies interventions that will achieve these outcomes by strengthening and expanding effective activities within the ecosystem or addressing weaknesses and gaps within it; takes the lead on designing these interventions in collaboration with StrivePartnership’s Operations Team; and works hands-on with stakeholders within the ecosystem to execute their implementation.

Angela was previously School Community Coordinator for Cincinnati Public Schools where she worked on education rights for parents and students, particularly for homeless families. She also provided college career planning for unaccompanied youth across nine high schools. She also was a substitute teacher at Woodward Career Technical High School and an Afterschool Site Coordinator/Manager at Woodward for the Urban League of Cincinnati.