Growing Educator Impact

KnowledgeWorks helps school districts and communities prepare each child for success through personalized learning. Our team helps administrators and educators create a community-wide plan to make their vision a reality, understand opportunities for professional development and system alignment and build capacity to sustain personalized learning practices.

KnowledgeWorks partners with districts and educators to help them:

All KnowledgeWorks professional development workshops and technical assistance are delivered by our team of teaching and learning experts, including former teachers, principals and superintendents. With 20 years of experience, KnowledgeWorks has helped more than 12,000 teachers grow learner-centered practices, raising academic expectations for over 135,000 students.

“I especially appreciated the experience of online collaboration and the process provided and supported by KnowledgeWorks. Going into this, I hoped to be able to contribute in some meaningful way… I did not expect this experience to sharpen my skills in true online collaboration to the extent that it did.”

Participant in Utah competencies workshops,
a partnership between KnowledgeWorks and the Utah State Board of Education

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