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Rededicating, Refueling and Reinvigorating our Why


In this time of gratitude, I’m thankful for the privilege to serve alongside Team KnowledgeWorks and the schools and communities we serve to boldly transform how all students learn. It’s an honor to work with a dedicated, high-quality and energizing staff, board of directors and with our partners and learning communities. The most impactful moment for me was seeing the KnowledgeWorks team in action as a thought partner for five districts and state-level leaders in North Dakota as they work to scale personalized learning and, to quote State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler, “change the way students will learn in North Dakota.” Students are ready to have agency and when they do it’s the most powerful thing we can equip them with.

With the support of state-level policymakers, North Dakota aims to make personalized, competency-based learning a reality for all students. Watch the video to learn more about how they’re scaling personalized learning at the state level.

Building upon my experience attending the first convening of nearly 100 North Dakota educators, I participated in a school visit to Marysville Exempted Village School District just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The learning environment and culture of their schools raised a clear and singular question: Why does every child not have the opportunity to learn like the second grader at Northwood Elementary – who owns her own learning experience and best represents what all learners will look like in the future?

Teachers and students alike in Marysville schools are empowered through personalized learning. Watch the video to see what teaching and learning looks like when grounded in a shared vision.

And in the spirit of both potential and urgency, I’m excited for us to release Forecast 5.0 next week and the opportunities that can arise with the Forecast as a tool to open greater dialogue and solicit action to affect change. This will be a clear focus of ours in aligning the work of KnowledgeWorks, in partnership with others, to help create a new future of learning.

KnowledgeWorks’ fifth comprehensive forecast on the future of learning will be published next week. Join the authors in a webinar to learn how the major societal shifts we are currently experiencing could shape education over the next ten years and beyond.

Thanksgiving is an invitation to rededicating ourselves to our why and making a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable. When we come together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.