Recommendations for a Second Term: A Federal Transition Memorandum

Topics: Systems Change

Read a memo issued from KnowledgeWorks to then Secretary of Education Arne Duncan with recommendations for his second term.
To: U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan
From: Brian Ross, President and CEO of KnowledgeWorks
Date: November 16, 2012
Subject: Scaling Innovation to Cause Impact – Recommendations for a Second Term

The start of a second term provides a key opportunity to scale innovative and evidence based practice in K-12 education. KnowledgeWorks believes the federal government should accelerate four key areas of reform to accomplish this: competency based education, turnaround of struggling K-12 schools, community and collective impact and strengthening the capacity of states to respond to educational challenges.

KnowledgeWorks encourages the Administration to consider the following series of recommendations as it begins the hard work of charting an education agenda for the next four years. A federal agenda that focuses on scaling these innovative reforms will maximize the government’s positive impact on our nation’s schools.

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