Racial Literacy for Personalized Learning Advocacy

New cohort learning opportunity for educators

Topics: Education Equity

How can educators advocate for equitable, learner-centered classrooms in an environment where discussions of race, racism and diversity in curriculum puts educators directly in the crosshairs of political battles?

Last year, KnowledgeWorks, the fellowship and Dr. Akouma Nwadike teamed up for a workshop series on learner profiles.
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The Leading Change PLC is facilitating a new three-month cohort learning opportunity for educators ready to interrupt systemic racism and advocate for practices that ensure each child – especially those who are part of a historically marginalized cultural identity – feel empowered to bring their full selves into the classroom.

Facilitated by Dr. Akuoma Nwadike from Inclusivity Education and Brandon Moore, senior director of advocacy for KnowledgeWorks, selected participants will experience professional learning, collaborative conversations and action planning to:

  • Develop racial literacy: the understanding of race and how it is used to perpetuate inequity and oppression
  • Practice racial literacy skills that examine the impact of systemic racism on individuals
  • Develop and practice proven advocacy strategies and tools
  • Create and pursue an individual advocacy plan for equitable personalized learning and anti-racist practices
  • Develop a community of educators to share and support one another in a joint exploration of racial literacy and advocacy

“Much like the proverbial elephant in the room, the troubling legacy of race continues to manifest itself in the very places we should want to protect from such discrimination, inequality, pain, and injustice — our schools. School leaders can and should play an important role in navigating the issue of ‘race,’ and whenever and wherever possible, consider the meaning, function, and power of race when it enters the room.”

– Dr. Sonja Horsford, When Race Enters the Room: Toward Racial Literacy in America’s Schools

Selected participants will be asked to commit to a minimum of four to six hours per month for three months beginning in March 2023:

  • Regularly engage with fellow cohort members in a closed online community to share feedback on problems of practice and liberatory action plans
  • Engage locally with community members to move a personalized action plan forward
  • Participate in synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning opportunities
  • Join regular virtual meetups with fellow cohort participants

Apply Now

Applications will be accepted through Friday, January 13, 2023 and selected participants will be notified on or before Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Participants will be selected based on cohort capacity and the ability to bring commitment and diverse perspectives to the cohort.

If you have any questions about the cohort or the application process, please reach out to Emily Smith at smithe@knowledgeworks.org.