Looking to Partnerships in Early College Success

Topics: Community Partnerships, Early College High School, Education Policy, ESSA

Creating success is not done in isolation. Creating success is not done in isolation.

Collaboration, networking and leveraging existing relationships are necessary aspects to create the partnerships that lead to success.

At a recent KnowledgeWorks conference focusing on early college, Cynthia Kushner, the Director of Marketing & Outreach Initiatives at Lorain County Community College, talked about the partnerships that have made the relationship between the Community College and Lorain County Early College High School a success.

She had three pieces of advice for forming successful partnership relationships for an early college high school:

  • Identify community influences
  • Secure an advocate for the work
  • Utilize all your available resources to create an early college program in your community

These are almost the same statements I used to encourage early college students when I was the principal at Lorain County Early College High School:

  • Work in a peer group
  • Find someone who believes in you
  • Take advantage of all opportunities

These simply truisms, or skill sets, are the foundations used to both support the dreams of our students and to transition those students to successful careers, but also to create successful partnerships in the formation of an early college high school.

Guest post by Roslyn Valentine, a Technical Assistance Coach for KnowledgeWorks.