KnowledgeWorks President and CEO Dr. Charles Ambrose Steps Down


After nearly three years of leading the national education organization, KnowledgeWorks President and CEO Dr. Charles Ambrose announced his resignation, effective March 15, 2021.

“I am proud of KnowledgeWorks’ achievements during my time there and grateful for the insights, knowledge and experience I gained from working alongside a talented team of individuals,” said Dr. Ambrose. “We have helped to coalesce a large body of work towards a shared goal and, in doing so, expand our reach towards creating the future of learning together with our partners. It is with confidence in the staff of KnowledgeWorks and the organization’s Board of Directors that I know this important work will continue.”

Under Dr. Ambrose’s leadership, KnowledgeWorks strengthened its position as a national thought leader. Over the past several years, KnowledgeWorks has advanced personalized, competency-based learning in districts across the nation, increased its focus on impact and improvement and helped provide leadership and guidance during particularly turbulent times.

“We are thankful for Dr. Ambrose’s leadership and vision,” said KnowledgeWorks Acting Board Chair, Lizzette Gonzalez Reynolds. “Our Board of Directors fully supports the vision, strategy and direction of KnowledgeWorks and look forward to continuing that work.”

Effective March 16, 2021, Holly Brinkman, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Finance, will assume responsibilities as the interim CEO and President of KnowledgeWorks.

About KnowledgeWorks

KnowledgeWorks is a national nonprofit organization advancing a future of learning that ensures each student graduates ready
for what’s next. For 20 years, we’ve been partnering with states, communities and leaders across the country to imagine, build
and sustain vibrant learning communities. Through evidence-based practices and a commitment to equitable outcomes, we’re
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