Kenowa Hills Recognized as a Leader in Personalized, Competency-Based Education


Laura Hilger learned about the Kenowa Hills School District in in 127 steps, when she visited classrooms to learn more about their systems level change. I’ve been working with Kenowa Hills Public Schools since the summer of 2013, and I was thrilled to see their work in implementing personalized, competency-based education recognized in a recent video from the Michigan Department of Education.

Kenowa Hills has long demonstrated that an important part of their vision is building the knowledge base of personalized learning throughout the state of Michigan, not just in their own communities. They want to highlight their progress as a way to make their state stronger – and they encourage their partners in the community and at the state level to dedicate some of their energy to these efforts, as well.

And this recognition proves it’s paying off – not just for Kenowa Hills, but for all students in Michigan.

Great work is happening in Kenowa Hills Public Schools.