A New Foundation for Readiness

Topics: Future of Learning

In The Future of Learning: Redefining Readiness from the Inside Out, we explore a new foundation for readiness, which promises to equip young people to navigate the uncertain and rapidly changing future of work. It will provide a foundation for success regardless of exactly how the rise of smart machines and the decline of the full-time employee end up affecting work in 2040.

In the paper, we look at three core skills that promote the social and emotional awareness needed to succeed in the future workforce:

  1. Deep self-knowledge: Individuals will need to continue to discover their own personal and professional strengths, weaknesses, passions and emotional patterns.
  2. Emotional regulation: Workers will need to be able to recognize their own emotions; understand the triggers that create them; and move to more productive emotional states.
  3. Empathy and perspective taking: People will need to be able to recognize others’ emotions and perspectives to help build inclusive, collaborative work environments.

These are all illustrated in A New Foundation for Readiness.

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