ESSA Promises Meaningful Assessments

Topics: Education Policy, ESSA

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides states significant flexibility to design personalized education systems that respond to the needs of every student, and that includes how students demonstrate mastery of content. In a recent article for Education Week exploring alternatives to standardized testing, Lillian Pace, senior director for national policy, highlights recent “momentum in states across the country around this idea of creating assessments that address student learning in more meaningful ways.”

KnowledgeWorks has been following states as they develop and submit their ESSA plans. We have created a variety of resources to help stakeholders understand the diverse approaches states propose to provide innovative and student-centered learning opportunities for students. The strategies identified in the Education Week article are exciting, as they elevate states’ commitments to equity and risk-taking to better serve all students.

“Nobody right now has the answer,” says Pace, “but there is a lot of energy to try to figure out what we could do better.”

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