How One Graduate Helped Shape Her Education


Dulce Diaz's opportunities in the competency-based environment helped her learn how she learned, and how to make meaningful connections to what mattered to her. It’s graduation season, and one of the most rewarding experiences is hearing about the successes of learners I’ve had the privilege of working with in the past. Dulce Diaz is one of those students.

Dulce graduated in 2011 from Lindsay Unified School District in Lindsay, California, and was someone that was involved in every activity and was exceptionally supportive of her peers and her friends. She was in her junior year when we implemented competency-based education, and I could always go to her for honest feedback about what was working in her classes and what needed to be refined. She was also someone that the staff and the others learners really trusted, too, someone that they looked up to. No matter what challenges she or her family or the community were experiencing, she always had a sunny disposition.

The fact that she’s studying education policy now just fits. She helped us reform that initial implementation of competency-based education in Lindsay, and I love that she’s pursuing as an adult something she did so well for us a student.

From a Graduate: Personalized Learning Is What Every Student Deserves. To read more about how Dulce’s experiences in a competency-based education environment helped prepare her for college and career, download her profile.