Catching Up With Kiani, an Early College High School Graduate

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We initially profiled Kiani Mullins after she graduated from Africentric Early College School and was attending Ohio Dominican University. (Read the original profile and the later recap.) In 2013 Kiani graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a degree in sociology. Now she’s attending graduate school at Liberty University, where her area of focus is Human Services Counseling with the primary focus on marriage and family.

Although her career focus shifted while she was in undergraduate school – from education to sociology and counseling – she’s still just as driven as she was several years ago.

One of Kiani’s goals is to help spread the word about early college high schools.

“Early college high school prepared me for college by showing me that it’s about the work that you put in that will equal the results,” said Kiani. “If you really want a good grade, you’ll do all you have to do to obtain it.

Each year Kiani tries to attend Africentric Early College School’s Alumni Day and shares with prospective students why she values early college high schools.

“I share with them the benefits of being able to enter your first year of traditional college and not having to take all the boring classes that other freshman are taking,” she said. “There’s also a sense of pride about yourself knowing that you’re a freshman and get to start focusing on what it is that you want to do with your life. And you are getting college for free for 2 years! Take advantage of that! Student loans are no joke!

Although Kiani does acknowledge that the early college high school experience is not for everyone, she has seen firsthand how it can work. “Not everyone is mature enough to handle the responsibilities of being a college student in high school,” she said. “I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who had a certain level of maturity about themselves.”

Africentric Early College High School was also created using the KnowledgeWorks early college high school model, which implements individualized learning plans and academic supports for students to help them succeed in the way Kiani has.

“Since I’ve graduated from High School I’ve seen the seriousness and passion for the early college high school diminish,” said Kiani. “I really hope that students begin to appreciate the value of this experience like I did. “