Meet Ayren Batiste, a Future High-School Junior with Their Eyes on Success


Future learning environments should offer kids clear pathways toward success.

Ayren Batiste
Character from IMPACT: Learning Edition

Ayren Batiste is a high-school junior who aspires to a STEM career. Named “Most Likely to Become President” by their classmates, they are always thinking about their next move and what it takes to succeed. Ayren scrutinizes every potential learning experience, extracurricular activity and work experience through the lens of how it might help them build toward college and career. Not surprisingly, Ayren thrives in learning environments where the connection to goals is clear.

So what does Ayren want for the future? Ayren wants a future in which work and employment are prioritized – and there are clear paths to success. Ayren also places a high priority on ensuring that learning environments are effective and supportive of learners’ goals. Lastly, Ayren values science and technology, the zone of their expected career.

Ayren is a fictional character from IMPACT: Learning Edition, a game designed to stretch players’ thinking about how they might influence the future of learning. A player advancing Ayren’s future would be on the lookout for the kinds of developments listed below.

These kinds of developments could have a big influence on the things that Ayren prioritizes for the future. Sitting in Ayren’s seat for a few rounds of gameplay can shed fresh light on what they could mean for education futures.

In addition, Ayren’s story and perspective illustrate how we’re all looking to make the most of developments that promise to advance the futures we want. Even the most community-minded among us have preferences about what the future will look like – and we make decisions large and small about how to nudge today’s happenings in those directions.

Playing IMPACT: Learning Edition can help you and others in your circle get clearer about what you’d like to see for the future. Check out the game and consider purchasing your copy to generate fresh insights into the future of learning with those who sit around your table.

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