Chuck Ambrose Talks Personalized Learning, Math and More on “Class in Session”

Topics: Community Partnerships

Guest post by Nia Baucke

Chuck Ambrose, President and CEO of KnowledgeWorks, joined StrivePartnership Executive Director Byron White to talk education and community on StrivePartnership’s radio talk show “Class in Session.” The show is dedicated to discussing education and the local Cincinnati community.

During the show, Ambrose and White talked about a wide array of topics relating to education, but focused in on the importance of personalized learning, the need to continue efforts to support math mastery and the cost of college.

Ambrose and White started off the conversation discussing KnowledgeWorks and the importance of students developing the ability to continue learning. “Corporate leaders around the country are looking for employees that can flex their learning capacity.” That’s why a personalized, competency-based learning system is so important, noted Ambrose.

“We’ve got an education system that’s really been designed for a postindustrial society, and we are moving rapidly through the next wave of innovation and change,” said Ambrose when discussing the importance of personalized learning. “With such rapid change, businesses are looking for individuals who can adapt quickly.”

The two also discussed the value mastery versus grade-based learning. Ambrose shared his own personal experience, as a student who was “passed through on math skills” and ended up struggling later in his academic career. “By the end of high school experience that accumulation of deficiencies…I just wasn’t equipped.”

A personalized learning environment “would make certain that every child is equipped to master the skills required to do algebra and reinforce that until they can demonstrate that mastery,” said Ambrose.

The conversation ended with Ambrose and White discussing the changing landscape of colleges across the country.

With the cost of college rising and the ever-changing workforce, learners are becoming more creative with when and how they achieve post-secondary education.

“Learners are really creating the future, they are reimagining ways of learning and what they are going to do with it.”

Listen to the full conversation between Chuck Ambrose and Byron White on “Class in Session” and learn more about KnowledgeWorks, StrivePartnership and personalized learning.