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Building a Portrait of a Nevada Learner from the Community Up

How educators, community members and students are working together to build a vision for the future of teaching and learning...

A Different Path to a Diploma

By taking GED tests where they need credit, North Dakota students can earn their high school diploma.

Published: January 25, 2023
Topics: Assessment and Accountability, Community Partnerships
What Happens When Districts Learn from Each Other

Every system, like every learner, is an individual. And they can learn a lot from each other.

Published: December 7, 2022
Topics: Building Capacity, Community Partnerships
KnowledgeWorks Announces 2022-23 “Leading Change” Community Fellows

KnowledgeWorks has named seven Leading Change Community Fellows for its 2022-23 cohort. Find out who they are.

Published: October 5, 2022
Topics: Building Capacity, Community Partnerships
Creating Coalitions To Transform Education

How a network approach to systems change fosters authentic collaboration and meaningful transformations

Published: July 21, 2022
Topics: Community Partnerships, Future of Learning, Systems Change
How I’m Using Imagining Liberatory Education Futures

A futurist walks us through how she works with our forecast Imagining Liberatory Education Futures and applies it locally.

Published: June 21, 2022
Topics: 101, Community Partnerships, Future of Learning, Vision and Culture
Educating Kentucky: Innovation, One Step at a Time

Learn the steps Kentucky took to innovate their system into one that is futures-oriented, collaborative and inclusive.

Students Want Meaningful, Personalized Learning – and Pennsylvania Educators Do, Too

How listening to students – and acting on what they hear – is shaping teaching and learning in Pennsylvania

Published: December 8, 2021
Topics: Community Partnerships, Education Policy, Vision and Culture
Students Sparking Change

A student-led initiative to remove an Indigenous mascot highlights one district’s journey to becoming more student-centered.

Published: November 11, 2021
Topics: Community Partnerships, Vision and Culture
Introducing the 2021-2022 Leading Change Community Fellows

Passing the torch to a new group of educators who will set the direction for the Leading Change PLC

Published: October 20, 2021
Topics: Building Capacity, Community Partnerships
Advocacy Is an Art

Exploring community-based advocacy strategies used in environmental folk arts that can be used for personalized-competency-based learning

Published: August 24, 2021
Topics: Community Partnerships, Education Policy, Overcoming Challenges
Where Do We Go From Here? Navigating Our Current World of Learning

What can education communities learn from COVID, and what are actionable strategies for education leaders to use? Here are some...

Authentic Relationships Wanted: A Human-Centered Approach to Systems Change

Dr. Shelley Zion, Faculty Director of the PEER Lab, share her insights for how to engage in meaningful community engagement.

Published: May 10, 2021
Topics: Community Partnerships, Future of Learning, Systems Change
Centering Black Voices and Shifting Power: An Interview with the Black Mothers Forum

Janelle Wood from the Black Mothers Forum talks with us about how policy can help empower communities of color and...

Published: April 29, 2021
Topics: Community Partnerships, Education Equity, Education Policy
Think Globally, Act Locally

Chuck Ambrose uses experiences with Missouri Innovation Campus and KnowledgeWorks to discuss preparation for an uncertain future of global challenges.

Published: March 12, 2020
Topics: Community Partnerships
2020 Forecast Provided Nellie Mae a Path Forward

Nellie Mae Education Foundation president and CEO looks back on the 2010 education forecast implementations and looks forward with the...

Published: February 24, 2020
Topics: Community Partnerships, Systems Change
Q&A with Cindy Foley: Developing Systemic Interdependence

Katie King discusses Systemic Interdependence from KnowledgeWorks' Future Forecast with Columbus Museum of Art's Cindy Foley.

Published: February 20, 2020
Topics: Community Partnerships, Future of Learning
A New Civic Discourse: Influencing Change Through Dialogues

The idea that new dialogues would facilitate societal change is explored by the driver of change, A New Civic Discourse.

Published: February 17, 2020
Topics: Community Partnerships, Future of Learning
Home Visits Flip the Script on Parent Engagement

Learn how one North Dakota teacher started building relationships with her students with home visits before the start of the...

Published: November 19, 2019
Topics: Community Partnerships
Museums Can Take on Learning Ecosystem Leadership

Community-based learning organizations like museums have a critical role to play in learning.

Published: July 1, 2019
Topics: Community Partnerships, Future of Learning
Positive Math Growth Mindset Environment

StrivePartnership has recently pursued helping move the needle on middle grade math outcomes.

Published: June 7, 2019
Topics: Community Partnerships, Overcoming Challenges
For Early College High Schools, Community Is Critical

Cultivating community is essential for supporting early college students today and in the future.

How the Portrait of a Graduate Can Help Communities Explore the Future of Learning

A learning community’s Portrait of a Graduate is a powerful tool for thinking about the implications of change.

Going Without an Agenda: Listening is at the Heart of Family and Community Engagement

Every community includes members with differing perspectives and unique needs.

Published: April 23, 2019
Topics: Community Partnerships