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Some of the most innovative schools and districts are making the shift to a learning environment.

Addressing common questions and misconceptions about teaching in a personalized, competency-based education environment

Ten ways to encourage, activate and support student voice

Sean Andres
Manager of Marketing and Communications

This charter school avoided restrictive state policies to implement competency-based learning.

Jon Alfuth
Senior Director of State Policy

Strong school district leadership requites a certain set of skills. We believe these seven competencies are critical for a school…

Technology is a tool, but teachers are the key to personalized learning. We answer some questions and address misconceptions.

Matt Williams
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Educators across the country share some positive and negative forces affecting the personalized learning journey.

Abbie Forbus Everett
Director of Teaching and Learning

As the legislative sessions end, we take a look at education policies supporting personalized, competency-based learning across the nation, using…

Emily Brixey
Senior Manager of Policy, Advocacy and Research

School systems in Hawai’i and Wisconsin meet to learn from each other.

Jillian Kuhlmann
Senior Manager of Communications

Student voices are too often absent in the decisions of organizations advocating for student-centered learning models. Let’s change that.

Policy changes in North Dakota allowed this program to offer new, transformative learning experiences for students. What can other states…

Jon Alfuth
Senior Director of State Policy

Explore artifacts from the future that make future possibilities tangible.

Maria Crabtree
Director of Strategic Foresight Projects