KnowledgeWorks to Join American Youth Policy Forum on Competency-Based Education, Friday March 22

KnowledgeWorks testimony will highlight the benefits of personalized, competency-based learning to states and communities

Topics: Education Policy, Vision and Culture

WASHINGTON – Opportunities to promote the value of transformative education reform don’t come every day on Capitol Hill, and KnowledgeWorks Chief Learning Officer Virgel Hammonds plans to make the most of his.

Hammonds will testify before Congressional staff members Friday on a small panel assembled by the American Youth Policy Forum and iNACOL, entitled: Competency-Based Education: Promising Policies and Practices for the Future of K-12 Education.

He will highlight the benefits of states and communities – supported by the flexibility provided in state and national education policy – to aligning resources to implement personalized, competency-based learning.

“Each state has a unique approach to designing personalized, competency-based structures, and just like teachers and students, they need customized supports to realize their vision for teaching and learning,” Hammonds said.

The American Youth Policy Forum and iNACOL often partner on hearings together to inform, educate, and answer questions about innovative, learner-centered policies, structures, and systems. The panel includes local, state and national representatives that are building equitable, high-quality education systems that prepare students for postsecondary success through personalized, competency-based learning.

Joining Hammonds on the panel are:

The panel will be updating veteran Congressional staff on progress made since it was last assembled a year ago, and it will also offer an introduction to the staff members of the many new members of the 116th Congress.

It’s Hammonds second time on the panel after appearing in the role of a superintendent in 2018.

About KnowledgeWorks

KnowledgeWorks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing personalized learning that empowers all students to take ownership of their success.

With more than 50 professionals working in 11 states, KnowledgeWorks is uniquely positioned to transform cradle to career education because we’re the only organization that simultaneously engages in strategic forecasting, governmental advocacy and working directly with schools. Throughout our 20-year history, we’ve been passionate about collaborating to create a system-wide approach that grows and sustains student-centered practices – all to equip learners for career and life success.

Through customized professional development, in-depth research such as forecasts on the future of learning and federal education policy guidance and state-level ESSA implementation support, KnowledgeWorks has created opportunities for more than 135,000 students in 20 states through competency-based learning and early