What do educators think about personalized learning? Now’s your chance to find out

Free webinar to explore new learning models through eyes of teacher, principal and district leader

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As personalized learning models grow in popularity around the country, there are increasingly more questions about what it looks like for students and educators.

During KnowledgeWorks’ upcoming webinar, attendees will have the chance to hear from a teacher, principal and district leader about what personalized learning looks like in the classroom – and what they think about it.

“KnowledgeWorks has spent the past few years interviewing educators, principals and district leaders about personalized learning in practice,” KnowledgeWorks Senior Manager of Research and Advocacy Sarah Jenkins said. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive, but it’s become clear that personalized learning can’t happen in a bubble. It needs wraparound support from educators, school leaders and policymakers.”

The webinar will also explore how personalized learning can be supported from all levels of the system: from the classroom, school and district to state and federal policy.

What? “The Shifting Paradigm of Teaching: How Lessons from the Classroom Inform System Design”

When? Oct. 11, 11 a.m. EST


  • Jesse Moyer, KnowledgeWorks Director of State Advocacy and Research
  • Sarah Jenkins, KnowledgeWorks Senior Manager of Research and Advocacy
  • Angela Patterson, Swanson Elementary School Teacher at Elmbrook School District in Wisconsin
  • James Murray, Waukesha STEM Academy Principal in Wisconsin
  • Jill Thompson, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Director of Personalized Learning in North Carolina
  • Elizabeth Foster, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF)

This webinar will provide an overview of The Shifting Paradigm of Teaching: Personalized Learning According to Teachers©, which was recently published by KnowledgeWorks and the National Commission for Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF). Webinar attendees will not only learn about key findings, but also will hear from a teacher, principal and district leader about what personalized learning looks like in their schools and districts.

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