A vision for the future

KnowledgeWorks joins Education Reimagined to reshape public education conversation and transform future


Today, KnowledgeWorks joins hundreds of education, business and union leaders, practitioners, parents, learners, community members, policy makers, and funders throughout the country to launch Education Reimagined, an initiative to reshape the public education conversation.

“Everyone involved in Education Reimagined has the fundamental commitment to help build a better future for all students,” said KnowledgeWorks President and CEO Judy Peppler, who sits on the Education Reimagined advisory board.  “By uniting people who usually disagree, the initiative has the potential to transform the system as we know it, while keeping students at the center.”

Education Reimagined focuses on bringing together stakeholders with diverse views on current issues surrounding learning, while imagining a new system that will enable all children to reach their full potential.

Throughout the next five years, Education Reimagined hopes to help focus the learner-centered movement on five main pieces: engaging individuals in a supportive public conversation; preparing and supporting thousands of educators; inviting organizations and individuals to join practice and policy networks; enabling policies that remove obstacles to personalized learning; and finding supporting evidence that personalized learning works for all students.

“At KnowledgeWorks, we focus on personalized learning through our policy and advocacy, community partnerships and school development work,” Peppler said. “Education Reimagined will help accelerate this work by bringing more stakeholders to the table to align work around common goals.”

Education Reimagined is an initiative of Convergence, a non-profit that brings together people and groups with conflicting views to build trust, identify solutions and build alliances for action on critical national issues. Its projects include a broad range of issues, such as education, poverty, economic mobility, and nutrition and wellness. It achieves outcomes through facilitated dialogue and long-term relationship building that shifts the focus from winning the debate to collectively seeking solutions.

About KnowledgeWorks

KnowledgeWorks is a national nonprofit organization advancing a future of learning that ensures each student graduates ready for what’s next. For 20 years, we’ve been partnering with states, communities and leaders across the country to imagine, build and sustain vibrant learning communities. Through evidence-based practices and a commitment to equitable outcomes, we’re creating the future of learning, together.  www.knowledgeworks.org