Will Job Seekers Survive or Thrive? Augmented Reality Exhibit to Explore Pittsburgh Student Readiness

National education futurists join Thrival Sept. 19-20

Topics: Future of Learning

Applying for a job in 2040 could be very different than it is today. On Sept. 20, Thrival Humans X Tech participants will be able to step into what the future of workforce readiness might look like at the LIFE.CODE Interactive Experience hosted at the Carnegie Museum of Art. KnowledgeWorks, Remake Learning, Carnegie Melon University’s Entertainment Technology Center and a team of local high school students have teamed up to create an immersive futures exhibit called the “Algorithmic Hiring Center.”

The exhibit will lead participants through the experience of applying for work in the future using augmented reality. Participants will get to decipher a futuristic resume as it relates to applying for a job, position or working arrangement that might be seen in 2040 and consider what types of learning experiences and skills they might need for the positions they seek.

“Technological advances are undoubtedly impacting the future of work,” Jason Swanson, director of strategic foresight at KnowledgeWorks, said. “This exhibit encourages a much-needed conversation about what experiences might be important to prepare students for the workforce of 2040 and beyond.”

The Thrival: Humans X Tech festival explores the impacts of people and technology on business, society and culture—particularly through the lens of artificial intelligence, robotics and advanced manufacturing. The 2018 theme, “LIFE.CODE,” features a Future of Work Symposium, the LIFE.CODE Summit and the LIFE.CODE Interactive Experience.

In addition to the LIFE.CODE Interactive Experience, KnowledgeWorks’ Jason Swanson and Katherine Prince will be participating in panel discussions at Thrival Humans X Tech:

  • 7:05-8 p.m. Sept. 19: Act 3: Our Parts in Forging the Future
  • 2:40-3:20 p.m. Sept. 20: Ready or Not: Are We Equipping Students with the Skills of the Future?

Learn more about Thrival and see the full schedule of events for Thrival LIFE.CODE.

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