KnowledgeWorks to explore local perspectives on career readiness with grant from Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

KnowledgeWorks will work with three Ohio regions to consider what students need to succeed in future

Topics: Future of Learning

The Future of Learning: Redefining Readiness from the Inside Out explores how career readiness may be redefined to better prepare students for an uncertain future. Thanks to support from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation (MHJF), KnowledgeWorks will partner with stakeholders in three Ohio regions to explore what local students will need to succeed in the future workforce.

KnowledgeWorks will host community meetings and create regional publications that examine how the changing nature of work could impact readiness and how local stakeholders might support students’ preparation.

To engage education and employment stakeholders in each region, the organization will host meetings drawing upon Redefining Readiness from the Inside Out and local knowledge. Attendees will generate ideas and share insights about what skills and dispositions students will need to succeed in light of broad changes to employment. The KnowledgeWorks team will then use those insights to create short regional publications to help stakeholders think critically about how best to prepare their students for the future.

“We look forward to partnering with the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and local leaders to dive into what readiness could look like in each specific context,” KnowledgeWorks Vice President of Strategic Foresight Katherine Prince said. “These conversations will help give communities space to step back and think critically about how we can best prepare students for a future filled with unknowns.”

In gathering local perspectives and creating publications regional publications, this project will aim to raise awareness of issues relating to the future of readiness, guide regional stakeholders in considering opportunities to prepare today’s young people for the future, and spark further conversation and action around regional readiness strategies. KnowledgeWorks will collaborate with MHJF to select the three Ohio regions.

“Through this partnership with the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, local communities will critically and creatively explore a new foundation for readiness,” KnowledgeWorks President and CEO Judy Peppler said. “This process will not only support local communities’ long-term goals for economic development, but also help ensure that all children are prepared for future success.”

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