KnowledgeWorks releases paper defining conditions needed to implement personalized learning

Districts find success in personalized learning to help all students


District Conditions for Scale: A Practical Guide to Scaling Personalized Learning outlines the conditions that a K-12 school district should put in place to support the scaling of personalized learning.Personalized learning, which focuses on each student’s individual strengths and needs, is currently in its pilot phase. While there are bright spots around the country through innovative, forward-thinking school models, it has yet to be scaled on a large level to make the greatest impact for student learning.

Following an extensive listening tour with school and district leaders that are leading personalized learning movements and scaling success, KnowledgeWorks released a paper today, District Conditions for Scale: A Practical Guide to Scaling Personalized Learning, which lays out 10 district-level conditions needed to scale personalized learning.

“Personalized learning is the best way to ensure all students have the chance to succeed,” said KnowledgeWorks Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Matt Williams, who co-authored the paper. “Our research in the field has provided concrete examples of what is working and the conditions needed to scale personalized learning for all students throughout a district.”

The paper examines the conditions that need to be put in place to scale personalized learning in a school district in depth including aligned curriculum, comprehensive assessment system, professional development, student supports, technology and data policies. KnowledgeWorks believes that not only does unlocking the role for districts and district leaders hold the key to scaling personalized learning but also building a supportive, flexible state policy environment will fully unlock the education system.

“It’s inspiring to see that some districts are having success with creating and scaling personalized learning environments for students,” KnowledgeWorks President and CEO Judy Peppler said. “With success stories and lessons, as well as our new district conditions for scale, we can help more schools implement personalized learning to give all students their best chance at success.”

Williams co-author ed the paper with KnowledgeWorks Director of State Advocacy and Research Jesse Moyer. Williams and Moyer presented on the paper during the iNACOL Conference last week. They will also use the paper’s conditions in presentations with school leaders in Ohio and Connecticut later this month. Both will be available for interview.

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