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KnowledgeWorks and Getting Smart host event focused on redefining readiness

Attendees to explore and discuss how artificial intelligence could impact the future of learning and work

Topics: Emerging Trends, Future of Learning

GPS guides drivers to their destination, calculating the shortest routes and helping to avoid traffic. Social media platforms identify people in photos for users to tag. Siri is at users’ beck and call to answer questions, make phone calls or send texts.

At one point, artificial intelligence (AI) seemed like a futuristic concept. But the truth is – it is already supporting day-to-day tasks and will continue to impact society, the workforce and life in the future.

Today, KnowledgeWorks partners with Getting Smart to discuss AI and the future of employment and readiness at a day-long, invite-only event in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“As artificial intelligence and machine learning become increasingly capable, we must prepare students for a future workplace that may look entirely different than today,” KnowledgeWorks Vice President of Strategic Foresight Katherine Prince said. “We very much look forward to bringing stakeholders together to explore and discuss urgent questions about the future of learning and work.”

The event will bring together leaders in education, innovation, workforce development and higher education to consider the current state of AI, the new employment landscape, and civic and social implications. Attendees will also consider what knowledge, skills and dispositions a high school graduate may need in 2040, and how to create the environments needed to foster those skills today.

“As artificial intelligence becomes more powerful, we will encounter it more often and in more places and settings,” KnowledgeWorks Director of Strategic Foresight Jason Swanson said. “One of the places where we can expect to see AI being used is in a variety of ways in learning. In planning for its future uses today, educational stakeholders need to begin considering what type of technologies we want it to enable.”

KnowledgeWorks recently released new research that explores how career readiness may be redefined to better prepare students for an uncertain future. The Future of Learning: Redefining Readiness from the Inside Out is based on a series of in-depth interviews with employees at cutting-edge organizations, as well as site visits to workplaces and strategic foresight research into current trends. The research specifically focused on three core skills that promote social and emotional awareness.

By proposing a new foundation for readiness based on these core social emotional skills, KnowledgeWorks partners with education stakeholders to think toward 2040 to help all students develop the skills needed to succeed in the future workforce.

About KnowledgeWorks

KnowledgeWorks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing personalized learning that empowers all students to take ownership of their success.

With more than 50 professionals working in 11 states, KnowledgeWorks is uniquely positioned to transform cradle to career education because we’re the only organization that simultaneously engages in strategic forecasting, governmental advocacy and working directly with schools. Throughout our 20-year history, we’ve been passionate about collaborating to create a system-wide approach that grows and sustains student-centered practices – all to equip learners for career and life success.

Through customized professional development, in-depth research such as forecasts on the future of learning and federal education policy guidance and state-level ESSA implementation support, KnowledgeWorks has created opportunities for more than 135,000 students in 20 states through competency-based learning and early collegewww.knowledgeworks.org