KnowledgeWorks creates to showcase new educator job positions in the future

The Future of Education means new, innovative teacher roles

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In the future, students will need greater support to succeed in learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom, and more and more schools will be customizing their offerings.

Greater numbers of more diverse learning opportunities for students will mean greater numbers of job opportunities for adults in and outside traditional school buildings.

Today, KnowledgeWorks launches, a simulated job site from 2025, to allow people to experience and explore possibilities for the future.

“Throughout our work, we’ve considered and researched what the future could bring,” KnowledgeWorks Senior Director of Strategic Foresight Katherine Prince said. “Through, users will be able to interact with one possible future and imagine how they might fit into an expanded learning ecosystem.”

Through the site, visitors will be able to take a quiz to find their future educator role, read future potential job descriptions, learn about the future world in which the site exists from blog posts, and download KnowledgeWorks’ paper, Exploring the Future Education Workforce: New Roles for an Expanded Learning Ecosystem, which was released in August.

The original paper introduced seven possible educator roles that could help support students in more personalized learning environments. includes additional ideas for educator roles designed to help support students in personalized learning and competency education – an educational model that removes time constraints and allows students to learn at their own pace.

“Over 65 percent of jobs in the future do not exist today,” KnowledgeWorks President and CEO Judy Peppler said. “Not only must we prepare students for this reality, but also adults who can fill new roles in the future of education. and the accompanying paper help us imagine the future outside traditional education boxes and encourage us to consider how we can best support students and help them succeed.”

About KnowledgeWorks

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