KnowledgeWorks Completes Spin-off of New Tech Network


KnowledgeWorks announced that it has completed its spin-off of California-based New Tech Network (NTN).

In order to advance NTN to the next state of the innovative school network’s growth, NTN has become an independent, non-profit organization under the guidance of long-time NTN supporter and former KnowledgeWorks board member Barry Schuler.

“We are proud of NTN’s impact in transforming learning environments and impacting success for students throughout the country,” KnowledgeWorks President and CEO Judy Peppler said. “We wish them the best of luck in their future growth and look forward to celebrating their continued success.”

The New Tech Network of schools has grown significantly within the KnowledgeWorks portfolio. The first NTN school opened in 1996 in Napa, Ca. NTN began to replicate the successful school model in 2001 and was acquired by KnowledgeWorks in 2009, allowing further expansion. With KnowledgeWorks’ financial and infrastructure support, NTN has expanded to 160 schools in 26 states, sharing an innovative learning model with proven, measurable success for students from diverse backgrounds, in rural, urban and suburban schools.

About KnowledgeWorks

KnowledgeWorks is a national nonprofit organization advancing a future of learning that ensures each student graduates ready for what’s next. For 20 years, we’ve been partnering with states, communities and leaders across the country to imagine, build and sustain vibrant learning communities. Through evidence-based practices and a commitment to equitable outcomes, we’re creating the future of learning, together.