KnowledgeWorks Releases Interactive Facilitation Guide for Educators Exploring the Future

Topics: Future of Learning

Communities now have the opportunity to rethink the students and classrooms of the future—better preparing learners for college and career—using KnowledgeWorks newest toolkit, Building Support for Student Centered-Learning: A Toolkit for Exploring the Future.

The toolkit, which serves as a facilitation guide for district leaders and other education stakeholders, helps to engage audiences in conversations about how schools and communities might respond to the changing landscape for the future of learning. It includes four activities that can be used to facilitate meaningful conversations about what is possible—and necessary—as they consider the future.

“As the digital revolution continues to impact how we interact with one another it is important to consider what skills students should have and what practices learning communities could adopt to support the development of future-ready students,” said Katie King, director of strategic foresight at KnowledgeWorks.

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation partnered with KnowledgeWorks during the 2017-2018 school year to offer four schools districts customized workshops exploring the future of learning. It was through these workshops that KnowledgeWorks uncovered what activities and topics resonated the most with audiences when discussing the future of learning.

The four activities presented in the toolkit are easy for facilitators to adapt across settings and audiences.

  1. Exploring Future Graduate Profiles: Explore the knowledge and skills that young people will need to thrive in the future.
  2. Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences: Design student-centered learning experiences, informed by future needs and inspired by real-life examples.
  3. Mapping An Ideal Learning Community: Visualize the assets, relationships and supports contributing to an ideal future of learning.
  4. Prototyping Solutions For Learners: Develop and model solutions to authentic challenges.

The toolkit is a free resource and is available for download on KnowledgeWorks’ website.

About KnowledgeWorks

KnowledgeWorks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing personalized learning that empowers all students to take ownership of their success.

With more than 50 professionals working in 11 states, KnowledgeWorks is uniquely positioned to transform cradle to career education because we’re the only organization that simultaneously engages in strategic forecasting, governmental advocacy and working directly with schools. Throughout our 20-year history, we’ve been passionate about collaborating to create a system-wide approach that grows and sustains student-centered practices – all to equip learners for career and life success.

Through customized professional development, in-depth research such as forecasts on the future of learning and federal education policy guidance and state-level ESSA implementation support, KnowledgeWorks has created opportunities for more than 135,000 students in 20 states through competency-based learning and early