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KnowledgeWorks releases paper outlining innovation pathways to transform personalized learning


The framework in Innovating Toward a Vibrant Learning Ecosystem: Ten Pathways for Transforming Learning is designed to help education stakeholders become active agents of change in creating the future.As education adapts to the same kinds of changes that have disrupted other industries, redesigning and transforming the current public education system and learning environment requires a reorientation that focuses on each students’ needs and adapts the associated support systems.

Today, KnowledgeWorks released Innovating Toward a Vibrant Learning Ecosystem: Ten Pathways for Transforming Learning, the organization announced. This paper, a follow-up to KnowledgeWorks’ future learning forecast, lays out 10 pathways needed to help change the current educational environment and impact learning for each student.

“My great hope is that this future learning ecosystem will be vibrant for all learners and not just for those whose families have the time, money or other resources needed to customize or supplement their learning journeys,” said KnowledgeWorks Senior Director of Strategic Foresight Katherine Prince. “It’s our responsibility to make the future of learning both equitable and rigorous, and to create a learning ecosystem that has the capacity to continue innovating and adapting to changing conditions.”

The paper outlines key levers for systemic transformation, which fall into two categories: transforming the core of learning, such as learning cultures and structures; and transforming supporting systemic structures, such as policy and public will.

“If we want a future education system that is equitable for every student, we need to build supports that foster those positive learning environments,” KnowledgeWorks President and CEO Judy Peppler said. “This paper lays out actionable steps to build those supports.”

Prince shared insight on this new paper during “Transforming the Learning Ecosystem” during the Grantmakers for Education conference last week.  She also discussed the topic on last week’s EduTalk Radio Show with KnowledgeWorks Director of Strategic Foresight Jason Swanson.

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