Katherine Prince and Jason Swanson to explore future of learning at international education conference

Keynote presentation and sessions will cover the KnowledgeWorks future forecast, innovation and the impact of global trends on international schools

Topics: Future of Learning

International education leaders will have the opportunity to explore how today’s trends could influence the future of learning during the Association for the Advancement of International Education Annual Leadership Conference and Expo in San Francisco from Feb. 6-8.

During the conference, KnowledgeWorks Vice President of Strategic Foresight Katherine Prince and Director of Strategic Foresight Jason Swanson will give a keynote presentation to explore what learning could look like in 10 years. They will also highlight key opportunities for schools to respond to emerging trends and potential impacts to strategy and operations.

“The world is changing more rapidly than ever before, and those changes could have incredible impact on the international education community,” Prince said. “For schools to respond to changing conditions and uncover new tools and practices for supporting all of their students to the fullest, it is important to consider how today’s strategic choices can affect what learning looks like in 10 years. We look forward to exploring these questions with attendees.”

Prince and Swanson will also present a concurrent session on using early signals of change to spark innovation and a deep dive session exploring the implications of global trends for international schools. Both of these sessions will give international school staff tools for exploring the future of learning in their own contexts.

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