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Our fifth comprehensive forecast on the future of learning coming November 27

Discover how current trends could impact learning ten years from now, and consider ways to shape a future where all students can thrive.

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Preview the societal shifts that that will impact the future of learning and which are explored in Forecast 5.0:

Algorithms help filter information and make choices for us. Could more automation of learning choices help students? Or create more inequity?


Technology makes it possible to mobilize civic action in minutes. Will this capability increase education equity or only benefit a few?


Today, some people use apps or games to gain a mental edge. Will neuroscience discoveries allow us to train our brains like we train our bodies?


Polarized media, inequity and stress are impacting our physical and mental health. How might our education systems and institutions respond?


Economic- and climate-driven population shifts are reshaping cities, towns and rural areas. Could schools and other education organizations lead transition?

The future is not a fixed point; it is ours to create.