Educating for the Year 2035

Topics: Future of Learning

The Sarasota Institute Symposium, Educating for the Year 2035, will take a look at education in the 21st century. The outdated educational legacies of the 20th century no longer work. Why do we need to transform education at all levels? What might be the new forms and ways of thinking to make sure that we are truly preparing Americans and Gulf Coast citizens to be educated in 2035?

Katherine Prince, our vice president of strategic foresight, will deliver a keynote address focusing on navigating the future of learning. Lucie Lapovsky, PhD, who chairs the KnowledgeWorks Board of Directors will be participating in a panel discussion called “Panel of the Presidents: What will 2035 Look Like at Your Institution?” Rebecca van der Bogert, who serves on the KnowledgeWorks Board of Directors, will lead three interactive workshops: Becoming a Global Citizen; Building Homes in Haiti; Empowering Students to Address Climate Change: The Coral Project; and Cutting Edge Changes at the Postsecondary Level.

Educating for the Year 2035 takes place on January 18, 2020, in Bradenton, Florida. Learn more about the symposium.