Early College High School Week 2018 #EarlyCollegeWeek

April 22 - 28, 2018

Help us celebrate the power of early college high school during Early College High School Week 2018. From April 22-28, 2018, we will be joining early colleges and their partners in sharing stories of success with the hashtag #EarlyCollegeWeek.

Why early college high school?

For students and family, early college means the dream of college can become a reality. Early college benefits students and families, as well as the community at large:

  • Students typically earn college credit at no cost to them or their family
  • This approach creates a seamless transition between high school and college
  • Staff at early colleges guide and support students throughout their blended high school and college experiences
  • Early colleges support career pathways aligned to the local economy’s needs that can help create a pipeline of future skilled employees for the community
  • By supporting an early college, colleges and universities create a pipeline of students for their four-year degree programs

Learn more about advancing early college high school.

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