Creating a World of Learning

World of Learning Overview

Major forces of change are challenging us to create a new world of learning that puts learners at the center, leverages technologies and human capital in new ways, and incorporates new structures. This video provides an overview of the world of learning.

World of Learning Attributes

We expect the world of learning to be characterized by six attributes, each of which is described in a video.








World of Learning Attribute Cards

Cards describing the six World of Learning attributes | PDF Description

Now vs. Future

The world of learning will bring a degree of customization and connection that can be hard to imagine today.  This video highlights how the experiences and opportunities of future learners will differ from those of current students.

Value of Public Education

This video asks whether public education can be the best option amid a proliferation of learning platforms that have begun to provide services traditionally provided by public education.


3 thoughts on “Creating a World of Learning

  1. Hello Palani, one way of moving forward would be to engage your stakeholders with our latest forecast on the future of learning,, and/or the related infographic that tells the big story of what we think will be possible for learnig ( We think that every organization involved in learning has a role in leading the way toward a vibrant learning ecosystem. Although it refers specifically to our previous forecast, our toolkit for changemakers can be a helpful resource for engaging your stakeholders in understanding the trends shaping the future of learning and designing ways to move toward your ideal version of it. (See We appreciate your interest in this vision for the future!

  2. As the Chairman of Alpha Foundation for Education, India, I’m interested in involving myself, our teachers and students in working with your organization in creating a world of learning, and transform our schools’ culture accordingly. Please let me know the way forward.
    Dr. Palani Rathinam
    Alpha Foundation for Education & Research,

  3. I’m excited about working with this approach to learning, in our schools that have a student population of over 3000. Could I become a more active participant, by involving myself and involving our children and teachers ?
    Dr. Palani Rathinam
    Alpha Foundation for Education & Research

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