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Excited about the future of learning, transformative leadership, and building resilient solutions for a sustainable world.

Envisioning New Possibilities for Districts

Could a future school function as a flexible learning space in which students moved fluidly across different kinds of learning experiences and points of focus, with a Chief Education Officer running the overall operations while master educators helped students craft Continue reading


Supporting Districts as the Learning Ecosystem Expands

Like it or not, the learning ecosystem is expanding.  As education goes through a time of disintermediation, learners and their families will have many options for deciding what learning experiences they consume, in what ways and in what combinations.  Not Continue reading


Transforming District Governance: Exploring Education in the Year 2025 with NSBA

At the National School Board Association’s annual conference, I had the pleasure of sharing insights from KnowledgeWorks’ strategic foresight publications through a session on education in the year 2025. As we explored what the emergence of a vibrant and adaptive Continue reading


It’s Time for Transformation

Yesterday the Donnell-Kay Foundation announced ReSchool Colorado, “a game changing, multi-year effort to create a new state public education system where learning is reimagined and students graduate energized and equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing world.” It aims to be, as they put it, “transformative to the core,” recreating the whole system of learning to prepare today’s students for an emerging world whose contours we can only partially anticipate today. Continue reading


The Reality of Custodial Care

“Let’s face it, parents want schools to provide free babysitting,” a district superintendent said in one of my recent workshops on the future of learning. Although I hadn’t framed it that way, I’d been thinking about this dimension of the many services besides learning that the current public education system provides when considering the demands that creating more flexible combinations of learning experiences could make on parents and families. Continue reading


A Local Responsibility

When leading a workshop on the future of learning for the New Mexico Coalition of Educational Leaders last week, Katherine Prince was struck by the ways in which the conversation kept cycling back toward two seemingly disparate but intricately intersecting themes:

- The need for the new learning ecosystem to be led by learning agents who manage decisions with learners and their families locally and
- The need to cultivate wide ownership for learning among families and across businesses, communities, and other stakeholder groups. Continue reading


Building a Vibrant Learning Grid

At the American Alliance for Museums’ convening on the future of education in September, I had the pleasure of sharing two scenarios of the future that seem plausible in light of our forecast on the future of learning:

• A vibrant learning grid in which all of us who care about learning create a flexible and radically personalized learning ecosystem that meets the needs of all learners
• A fractured landscape in which only those whose families have the time, money, and resources to customize or supplement their learning journeys have access to learning that adapts to and meets their needs. Continue reading