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Believer in public education working. Passionate about family, sports, and fishing.

Flipping Mastery

Several years ago, when I was working on our 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning, the two concepts that intrigued me most as I was looking for “signals,” or signs that the forecast was playing out in present day, Continue reading


Competency Education is in Good Hands

Along with representatives from the Governor’s office, state legislators, folks from the department of education, and superintendents and other district leaders from across the state, we discussed several aspects on competency education including graduation requirements, assessment, accountability, teacher preparation, and professional development Continue reading


Same Fight. Different Decade.

As someone who reads a lot of edu-research, I was excited to find out KnowledgeWorks was doing a mini blog series on A Nation at Risk in honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of the report. Honestly, it gave me a really good reason to finally get around to reading it.

I was eager to read the report until I actually read it and had a chance to digest the content. I came away thinking, in 30 years absolutely nothing has changed in the edu-reform world. The seminal report calls for several reforms including a “Learning Society” and changes to content, expectations, time, and teaching. Continue reading