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As Senior Director of Public Relations, Byron McCauley manages the day-to-day communications strategy for KnowledgeWorks, and serves as its primary spokesperson.

A bold approach: Banking on Straight A Fund to transform Ohio education

Ohio is about to embark on one of the most innovative education initiatives in the country, boosted by revenues from casino gaming and a free-market oriented executive office that is rightly calling for investments where they count the most.

The Ohio General Assembly has approved a proposal from Gov. John Kasich to designate $250 million over two years for grants to help K-12 education entities in Ohio fund projects that “aim to achieve significant advancement” in one or more of the following goals: student achievement, spending reductions, and using a greater share of resources in the classroom. Continue reading


Education innovation looks a lot like Manor, others

It is remarkable what a little money and encouragement can do. Before Samsung, that school district was broker than a third-tier country singer with laryngitis. Its achievement measures were in the dumper. This project has paid off big time. Continue reading


Competency-Based Education Questions

A policy paper written by KnowledgeWorks Senior Director of National Policy Lillian Pace was highlighted on the MindShift blog which covers national innovation in education. Katrina Schwartz reviews Pace’s An Emerging Role in Federal Role for Competency Education in her blog post this week titled, “Report: Federal Rules Impede Competency-Based Learning.” Continue reading


Digital Learning Day 2013

KnowledgeWorks is one of the national sponsors for Digital Learning Day on February 6, when key people and organizations will celebrate and highlight successful instructional practice and the effective use of technology in classrooms throughout the country. Continue reading