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New Tech Network, KnowledgeWorks to present at NSBA Annual Conference

New Tech Network and KnowledgeWorks will present at the National School Board Association Annual Conference beginning this weekend in New Orleans. The National School Board Association (NSBA) “supports the capacity of each school board, acting on behalf of and in Continue reading


National Journal Asks Why Common Core is a Tea Party Bugbear?

Matt Williams has written about the Common Core on this blog before (Common Core: High Standards are Not Inappropriate They Are Essential) and this week responds with a cogent outline of the underlying politics and subsequent name calling that may undermine the larger common good the core sought to address. Visit the National Journal to read his commentary and weigh in with your own. Continue reading


Can Government Be Run Like the Oakland A’s?

It is an ambitious goal. Moneyball for Government is a new project of Results for America. Having assembled an All-Star Bi-Partisan Team, the organization hopes to amplify the message of using data to guide policy decision-making, believing that government, at all levels, should help improve outcomes for young people, their families and communities Continue reading


Early Stages: Implementing Collective Impact with Quality

Registration is now open for organizations interested in beginning collective impact work. Join StriveTogether in Chicago in March to meet with other communities representatives engaged in the work and emerge with your own 180-day action plan template. Continue reading


The Federal Role: Ensuring Access and Equity

How do we get early childhood education right? By building an effective, responsive educational, socio-emotional foundation for all children at the local level. Williams looks at work on the ground in Denver and Cincinnati to model what states and districts might be able to accomplish given more flexibility. Continue reading


Transforming Education – Locally and Nationally

Judy Peppler, President and CEO of KnowledgeWorks; Harold Brown, President of EDWorks Partners; and, Greg Landsman, Executive Director of The Strive Partnership were guests on the WVXU Cincinnati Edition radio show to talk about the Cincinnati Preschool Promise and how KnowledgeWorks and its subsidiaries are working to transform education locally and nationally. Continue reading


Improving School Discipline Policies: A National Conversation

Yesterday Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. engaged with students at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore in a roundtable discussion centered on improving school discipline policies and practices.

Frederick Douglass High School is one of Baltimore City Schools turnaround success stories. Douglass offers two unique early college academies: the Academy of Global Leadership and Public Policy, which focuses on the social sciences and developing leaders in government, industry and communities, and the Academy of Innovation, which focuses on creative thinking and design in a STEM-learning environment. Continue reading