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ASCD, formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, is an “educational leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner.” The nonprofit represents 170,000 professional educators from all levels and subject areas––superintendents, supervisors, principals, teachers, professors of education, and school board members from 136 countries.

ASCD 2010 Conference: Critical Transformations
Dr. Jillian Darwish of ICC presented the 2020 Forecast at the Leadership session

This year, ASCD asked KnowledgeWorks to present the “2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning” to ASCD Leadership at the ASCD 2010 Conference: “Critical Transformations” held in San Antonio March 6 – 8. The 2020 Forecast was introduced by Chad Wick, CEO of KnowledgeWorks, and presented by Dr. Jillian Darwish, Executive Director of the Institute for Creative Collaboration (a KnowledgeWorks subsidiary):

With the 2020 Forecast, creation emerges as a powerful force. Creators will transform many sectors of the world – the body, organizations, institutions, society, the economy and knowledge. The forecast envisions a world where bottom-up, collaborative, innovative capabilities give us the means to re-create nearly everything.

These changes will inevitably affect education. In this world, many people will not be content to wait for the education system to undertake the innovations needed to create a world of learning. People outside the education system, or at the far edges of it, will go ahead and innovate. Parents, students and employers will take action to push schools to teach the skills needed for the rapidly changing world.
The bottom line is that, in a world of creation, it is up to all of us to engage in creating the future of learning.

Get Your Copy of the Map

To access the online version of the 2020 Forecast, please visit the Future of Learning section of the KnowedgeWorks website.

Why This Session Was Different

In a first for KnowledgeWorks, the 2020 Forecast was presented using social media tools and incorporating real time technology. “KnowledgeWorks to Present 2020 Forecast Using Social Media Tools For ASCD Leadership Session”

Typically the presentation calls for small group collaboration with call outs throughout to share insights.   With more than 100 participants that process can be time consuming and inconsistent with the vibrant discussion of how technology is changing the practice of education and redefining learning.  So KnowledgeWorks sent a social media team to San Antonio and, working with the ASCD Communications team, created the #ASCD2020 hashtag to feed insights from the small groups into a free SAP Twitter tool embedded in the PowerPoint Presentation.

Participants were able to read and incorporate other small group insights into the presentation and the presenter was able to easily call out the most noteworthy observations. Visit this link to read a transcript of the Twitter Stream.

Actual Twitter Conversation from #ASCD2020
Social media was used to gather feedback
SAP PowerPoint Twitter Tool
SAP PowerPoint Twitter tool