July 18, 2017
Virgel Hammonds talked about innovative leaders and what innovative leadership might look like in the future on a recent podcast.

Leading Innovation: Virgel Hammonds a Guest on “Leadership with Latoya”

Guest post by Mary Tighe

Virgel Hammonds knows what it takes to lead through times of innovation and change. As former superintendent of RSU2 in Maine, he led the district and community during their transition to competency-based education.

“We have to create a culture that allows for innovation,” he said on a recent podcast, “Leadership with Latoya.” “We’re so busy as leaders that seldom do we give ourselves or our teams the time to think outside the box. … We must pause to think about how we can become more effective, not only for ourselves but for those we serve.”

Virgel visited with Latoya about lessons in leading for innovation. They discussed the key elements that must be present (like culture and transparency), how innovative leaders differ from leaders in general and what innovative leadership might look like in the future.

“Those who are leading for innovation are giving their team the space to fail,” Virgel said. “That’s something that doesn’t come naturally. As human beings, we inherently want to avoid mistakes. We don’t want to fail. Leaders that help create innovative cultures let their teams know that, if we are going to grow, we have to be able to take some risks.”

Check out the podcast to learn more from Virgel and Latoya’s conversation.

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