Some Akron Early College High School students share 'thank yous' to their teachers for this Teacher Appreciation Week. #ThankATeacher

Student Thanks from Akron Early College High School

At Akron Early College High School (AECHS) in Akron, Ohio, the relationship building between students and teachers is a critical component of their success. Most of the early college high school’s students are among those traditionally underserved in a college setting, lower-income and first generation college students who go on to earn an average of 60 college credit hours toward an associate degree. They’re doing incredible things, and they’ve got incredible teachers supporting them along the way.

We asked a few students to share their experiences with us in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, because their words have more impact than anything we could share.

What teacher has made a positive impact on you? If you could thank them personally, what would you say?

“Each and every teacher at the early college has made an impact on me. However, I believe one of the teachers that had the biggest impact on me is Mrs. Chaplin. The skills she has taught me have allowed me to grow and accelerate in my college classes.

You’ve allowed me and many other students to show our imaginations and creativity through everything that you do. Thank you for being the amazing teacher that you are and your contributions for our school. Our school family is very lucky to have an amazing teacher like you. I am truly humbled to have been your student.” – Mai Lor, sophomore at AECHS

“A teacher that has made a positive impact on my life would have to be the 10th grade biology teacher Ms. Andrews. She always pushes me to give my all into everything I do. She doesn’t accept second best. If I could thank her personally I’d say, “I’ve never had a bond with a teacher until this year, and that she makes me feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. She’s like my mom away from home, and isn’t afraid to tell me the hard truth. There’s no way to fully express my gratitude to her in words, but if I had the patience I’d say thank you to her a billion times!” – Annika Bragg, sophomore at AECHS

“My Biology teacher Ms. Andrews has made a positive impact on me. She has pushed me to where I thought I would break, and then pushed even more, because she knew that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. She has also helped me with any problems I had whether they were school related or personal. Overall she helped me to grow as a student and person.

I would love to tell her thank you for everything she has done for me. I probably would not have been able to survive Akron Early College without her making me laugh everyday. She showed me that I love Biology and love learning new things and for that I am truly grateful.” – Heather Jandecka, sophomore at AECHS

“Mr. O’Neil (Larry) – Thank you for always being there for me and through all the support. I am glad to have a teacher like you.

Mr. O’Neil (Tom) –  Thank you for the support. You do help AECHS students a lot and keep us on track. I always had a smile on my face after a little conversation with you.

Mr. McCown –  You have your jokes and games which can really light up someone’s day. It made mine. Thank you for everything.

Mrs. Chaplin – You always supported your students to do their best and offered the help when in need. I know that I can always come to you and open up when I have a problem either from home, personal self or school. You help guide us and keep us on track.” – Lyi Sorn, sophomore at AECHS

“The teacher that has left a positive impact on me is our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Martinez-Pinzon. Unfortunately, I only had Sra. Martinez for one year, then I moved on to college Spanish. Sra. Martinez truly preaches diversity and acceptance to her students.

If I could thank Sra. Martinez personally, I would say to her ‘thank you for not making class only about learning the concepts of Spanish; I’m glad you taught us a valuable life skill that we can build off of and carry with us for the rest of our lives.’” – John Fuller, sophomore at AECHS

“Each and every teacher at AECHS is willing to help us in any way that they can. Knowing that they are there for us and that I can go to them for help, which I have before, is my most positive experience at AECHS.

The teacher that made a positive impact on me was Mr. Konate. Although Mr. Konate is still new at teaching, he has made me realize what I can still do. I am aware of my own potential but Mr. Konate made me realize what else I can improve.” – Vang Lor, junior at AECHS

“I’d say Mrs. Keaton has made the most positive impact on me. Whenever we’re stressed or just depressed, Mrs. Keaton takes off her ‘Keaton hat’ and replaces it with her ‘Wendy hat.’ The things she says whilst wearing that ‘Wendy hat’ has helped me get through my academic as well as personal struggles.

All I can possibly say is ‘Thank You.'” – Reasmey Keo, Junior at AECHS

Take advantage of this Teacher Appreciation Week to #ThankATeacher in your life.

Jillian Kuhlmann

Written by: Jillian Kuhlmann

Jillian Kuhlmann is the Communications Specialist for KnowledgeWorks.

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