Ashley Thompson shares some of her experiences being part of Marysville Schools District's transformation towards personalized learning.

In Marysville, They’re Bringing Personalized Learning to Students and School Staff

“Personalized learning is a philosophy or pedagogical change that facilitates learning rather than a one-size-fits-all sit-and-get,” said Ashley Thompson, a Special Education Coordinator and Personalized Learning Coordinator in the Marysville Exempted Village School District of Marysville, Ohio.

When you’re looking to transform a school district from traditional education to personalized learning, that change does not apply only to students. Teaching staff has to be included in the evolution as well.

In Marysville, KnowledgeWorks coaches worked alongside district staff to provide specialized professional development and help guide the journey.

“We try to build learning-centered practices with our staff and teachers to help students move along the continuum of an expert learner,” said Ashley.

Learn more: Watch a video of Ashley Thompson sharing some of her experiences with a district transformation to personalized learning.

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