Brooke Young explains how she gives students voice and choice in her mathematics classroom while teaching about the quadratic equation.

How One Teacher Gives Students Voice and Choice in a Math Classroom

Giving students voice and choice is just one part of personalized learning, but it lays the groundwork for bigger life lessons. When a student is in charge of their own learning, it forces them to find out what works best for them and gives them opportunities to share their learning in ways that are meaningful.

In the Marysville Exempted Village School District in Marysville, Ohio, students get voice and choice in various ways. They can select topics to explore in Genius Hour, they can find the workspace that’s most conducive to learning and they help co-create Standard Operating Procedures for their classrooms.

But how do you take those same concepts of voice and choice and apply them in a math classroom?

Brooke Young teaches ninth grade math at Marysville Early College High School and worked with students to turn learning about quadratic equations into video projects. This combined math and technology, which helped build on the information technology career pathway within the school.

Learn More: Watch a short video of Brooke Young sharing how she gave students voice and choice in her approach to teaching quadratic equations.

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