In a competency-based learning environment like Marysville Early College High School, cross-disciplinary collaboration is taken to the next level.

Teacher Collaboration in a Competency-Based Learning Environment

Teacher collaboration is not new. Teachers have long partnered within disciplines or collaborated in interdisciplinary teaching efforts. In a competency-based learning environment, cross-disciplinary collaboration is taken to the next level.

“Our staff collaboration room is constantly abuzz with attempts to breakdown learning and solve the problems we confront” said Jodi Robertson, a ninth grade teacher at Marysville Early College High School in Marysville, Ohio.

The entire Marysville Exempted Village School District uses competency-based education to help students achieve mastery. “This forces a type of conversation I have not found consistently present in past positions,” said Jodi. “Point to an assessment question or rubric, and any one of us can tell you why we put it there and what we hope to learn from it.”

Learn More: Watch a short video of Jodi Robertson discussing teacher collaboration at Marysville Early College High School.

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