The weekly podcast Personalized Learning with Matt and Courtney focuses on personalized learning in plain, jargon-free language.

A Weekly Discussion of Personalized Learning

“Subscribing to this personalized learning podcast is a do-do.” That‘s what my colleague Virgel Hammonds told me when he recommended a new personalized learning podcast.

I subscribed but was confused and a little suspicious. A do-do?

I need to have more faith. Listening to Personalized Learning with Matt & Courtney is totally a do-do. The hosts talk about all different aspects of personalized learning in plain language and manage to avoid most of the jargon that is typically peppered throughout education conversations.

The Do-Dos and The Don’t-Do’s

As soon I started listening to my first episode, Transparency – How Does it Relate?, Matt and Courtney laid out the purpose of their podcast. Once a week, the two discuss do-do’s and don’t-do’s of personalized learning. (The do-do reference actually makes sense!) The lessons they share are practical lesson shared from practitioners who know they’re talking about in the world of personalized learning. Some example from different episodes:

Personalized Learning with Matt and Courtney is still a work in progress. As you work through the different episodes, you can hear as Matt and Courtney start to get more confident about what they’re doing and tweaking for the format a bit to find out what works best. Even with that though, they’re personable and informative. For people active in, or interested in pursuing, personalized learning, it’s worth checking out.

Subscribing to This Podcast is a Do-Do

You can find Personalized Learning with Matt and Courtney in iTunes or from wherever you get your podcasts. Here are some links to make it easier:

You can also follow along on Twitter at @plearnmc, @eatsleepstats, @belolanc.

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