For the third consecutive year, KnowledgeWorks will host the KnowledgeWorks Experience Conference, which focuses on networking and learning.

Joining Together to Continue Making Dreams Come True

Guest post by Andrea Mulkey

For the third consecutive year, KnowledgeWorks will host the KnowledgeWorks Experience Conference, which focuses on networking and learning. Our event offers wonderful occasions for participants to interact with experts and peers from the fields of competency-based education, early college high school and personalized learning.

The scope and content of the learning sessions are designed to provide networking opportunities and strategies for implementing successful and productive early colleges or competency-based programs.

For our attendees, here are three thoughts to keep in mind to ensure the optimal experience while in Orlando:

  1. Divide and conquer. Review the conference program and divide sessions among team members. If you take advantage of the “divide and conquer” method, you will be afforded a solid foundation to create and implement active train-the-trainer sessions back in your school.
  2. Connect and network. It is our goal to create an atmosphere of support and sharing that will greatly enhance the work of educating all students in ways that work for them. So be sure to take advantage of the opportunities to meet new friends and develop support networks from other states or even other cities in your state.
  3. Be engaged. Sharing with colleagues how you are “making dreams come true” for your students in advance of your attendance will help you locate other participants like you.

We look forward to seeing conference participants in Orlando. If you can’t attend, you can still join the conversation on Twitter by following #KnowledgeWorks.

Whether we’re helping a student become the first in their family to attain higher education, make connections between classroom topics and real life or proceed through course material at a pace that is right for them, the goal is the same. We want students to have brighter futures where their dreams become reality. Together, we can continue Making Dreams Come True!

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