The third annual KnowledgeWorks Experience Conference kicked off today.

Experience Conference, Day One: How Are You Making Dreams Come True?

The third annual KnowledgeWorks Experience Conference kicked off today. Virgel Hammonds, Chief Learning Officer for KnowledgeWorks, challenged attendees to try and answer three questions throughout the conference:

  1.  How can you personalize learning for each student?
  2. How can you prepare for the future of learning?
  3. How can you ensure your students have the tools they need to accomplish their dreams?

Sitting in a city very much entrenched in the lore of Walt Disney, focusing on dreams seems only fitting.

Dr. James Johnson, Jr. started a morning of conversation looking at the future of work. The workforce and jobs are changing and that means change for education. It’s up to all of us to decide what that looks like.

While Dr. Johnson might have introduced a little uncertainty to the conversation, he was also inviting everyone in attendance to be involved in planning for the future of education. Susan Patrick, President and CEO of iNACOL, helped ground everyone with an international look at education and how we define student success. She talked about the past and current state of education policy and the role we all need to play in moving education forward.

The afternoon was spent with deep dives into early college, personalized learning and competency-based education. Often, sessions would end and people would linger in the room long past presentations, sharing questions, ideas and contact information.

There’s still one day left of the KnowledgeWorks Experience Conference and, based on late night tweets from people practicing for tomorrow’s presentations, it will be a good one that continues the conversation about making student dreams come true.

Kate Westrich

Written by: Kate Westrich

Kate Westrich manages digital marketing for KnowledgeWorks, tweeting for @KnowledgeWorks and @EdPersonalized, and posting at KnowledgeWorks' Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest pages.

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