Jason Swanson, Director of Strategic Foresight for KnowledgeWorks, sits down with his seventh grader niece to discuss the future of learning.

The Future of Learning: A seventh grader’s perspective

I sat down with my niece, Hannah, to discuss the what she thinks the future of learning might be like. Hannah is a 7th grader attending a rural school in Maryland.

How is school different than when your parents went to school?

School is different now from when my parents went to school because we learn different things or we learn the same things, but in different ways. Also, the things we use to learn are different, like we have computers and they used text books.

When you think about the future of education, what makes you excited?

When I think about the future for education I get excited about the different ways kids are going to learn things, like how they’re going to learn them and the different methods they use to solve the problems.

What trends do you think are changing education?

I feel like the technology trend is changing education because now some schools have kids using Chromebooks or other schools have them using desktop computers. Also, some after-school activities use iPads or tablets for the kids who stayed for that activity.

What does “personalized learning” mean to you?

Personalized learning means to me that some students move at a faster or slower pace than others so they get personal learning so that they can learn better and be smarter than when they have to move either faster or slower for everyone.

What will personalized learning be like in the future?

I think personalized learning will be more “popular” than what it’s like in the present. I feel like teachers are going to offer extra help for the kids that need personalized learning and that it will help kids way more than it does today.

What is do you think for the future of education will look like?

The future of education is going to have a lot of technology like tablets, phones are going to be allowed in school, and computers are going to be more frequently used in schools.

Jason Swanson

Written by: Jason Swanson

Jason Swanson is the Director of Strategic Foresight at KnowledgeWorks. He has a strong passion for studying the future and believes that studying the future is empowering.

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